Forty Years of Star Trek


Star Trek is celebrating 40 years. Forty years of a phenomenon. Forty years were marked on 8th September 2006, the date an estarbasepisode was first aired – The Man Trap.

Behind the numbers (6 shows, 29 seasons, 700 plus episodes, 12 movies and one on its way) there are the fans. People that Star Trek means something to them, people that Star Trek touched their lives.

For the 40th anniversary we asked people, fans from all over the world, to tell us what Star Trek means to them. Most of them are fans, some of them were involved with the Star Trek industry.

Happy Birthday!

All the texts were written exclusively for Starbase972 and the project, unless otherwise mentioned.


8.8.06 – Star Trek and Me… – Kristine M Smith, United States

              Star Trek and Me – John Billingsley ("Dr. Phlox")

18.8.0640 years of Star Trek and Me – Melanie Brosowski, Germany

23.8.06 – 40 Years of Trek – Tom'caT [Tomislav Peric], Croatia

                Star Trek and Me – Lexie Currie, Australia

                Star Trek and Me – Bernd Schneider, Germany

28.8.06 – Star Trek and Me – Dirk Bartholomae, Germany

                Star Trek and Us – Fans from Italy

1.9.06 – Star Trek and Me – Nicholas Donaghy, Australia

              The Forty-Year Trek – George Takei ("Mr. Sulu")

4.9.06 – Me and Star Trek – Martin Bohm, Czech Republic

              The Mutara Nebula Is Everywhere – David Brin

8.9.06 – Getting in touch with Trek – Salvador Nogueira, Brazil

              What Star Trek symbolizes for me? – Harve Bennett (producer and writer)

Edited and Collected by subatoi
Translated to Hebrew and proof read by Vered Klein

The Hebrew project page – with additional texts, from Israeli fans


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