About Starbase 972

Starbase 972 was founded on May 1998 with the goal of uniting under one roof fans and enthusiasts of Star Trek in Israel.

Star Trek has thrilled millions of people all around the world for almost five decades, as one of the most important and influential TV series in history.
Star Trek, since its first years in the 1960's, has ever been in the forefront of television storytelling, and has set the standards for science fiction on TV and feature film. The series is known for its adherence to scientific principles, and has incorporated scientific advisors to its production staff, as well as consulting NASA experts on the basic premises of the series as a whole as well as on specific storylines and ideas.

However, Star Trek's uniqueness in the media landscape is its creator, Gene Roddenberry, and his vision, the Roddenberry vision. The vision of a positive future for all humanity, a future devout of war, famine, disease, a future where all men and women are equal and humanity is a unified force exploring a universe filled with mysteries and wonder. Star Trek is a unique voice on the TV screen not as a science fiction series, Star Trek is not about killer-robots or giant space battles. Star Trek is science fiction dealing with the basics of humanity and its values, dealing with moral, philosophical and scientific dilemmas, episode by episode.
This unique vision has motivated and swept millions of people around the world, and over the years a whole sub-culture of Star Trek fans, was born.

Ever since Starbase 972's foundation, the club has been organizing and supporting events, activities and conventions of varying scale – from regional weekly activities, to sneak previews of feature films to organizing events and conventions on a national scale and of course collaboration on the production of Icon, Israel's national science fiction and fantasy festival held annually on the Jewish holiday of Sukkoth. The club was publishing a quarterly part-color fanzine for its members and operating an internet site filled with Star Trek, the only one in Hebrew

A few years ago the club has ceased to exist but this site continues with Star Trek and Sci-Fi news and articles.

Our English Contents:
The Andorian Look & Behind the Scenes – includes exclusive Jeffrey Combs' makeup pictures
"I'm a doctor not a…" – Deforest Kelley tribute page (including a quote list with sound files, and interviews with Kristine M. Smith & Terry Lee Rioux who wrote books about Kelley)
The 2005 Star Trek: Enterprise campaign
The formal Enterprise Campaign Press Release
2006: Forty Years of Star Trek, an international project
2011: International Holocaust Remembrance Day: Leonard Nimoy on Never Forget & WWII version of DS9's Duet

Interview with DS9's Chase Masterson
Interview with DS9's Casey Biggs
Interview with TOS's Walter Koenig
Interview with Trekkies' Roger Nygard (Sept. 2004)
Interview with TNG & Trekkies' Denise Crosby
Interview with Free Enterprise's Robert Burnett
Interview with Trekkies' Roger Nygard (Oct. 2005)
Interview with ENT's Vaughn Armstrong
Interview with VOY's Tim Russ
Interview with B5's Claudia Christian (Mar. 2006)
Interview and Q&A with B5's Claudia Christian (Apr. 2006, Hebrew only, with pictures from the visit in Israel)
Interview with Giles Aston (Stewart's double, Hebrew only)
Interview with ST movies' Harve Bennett, Part I
Interview with ST movies' Harve Bennett, Part II
Interview with DS9's Alexander Siddig


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