Formal Press Release

Press Release: Star Trek fans hold Rally in Israel supporting
the Star Trek: Enterprise global campaign
24 February 2005

Star Trek: Enterprise has been cancelled by UPN and the Paramount studios. Israeli fans have joined forces with fans worldwide to save the cancelled TV Series, the Tel-Aviv University event being the first rally to lead the global campaign.

The Israeli Rally was organized by Starbase 972, the Israeli Star Trek Fan Club.
Israeli fans gathered in the Tel Aviv University (24 FEB, 17:00 local time) to demonstrate their love and devotion for Enterprise, for the Star Trek universe and for the Star Trek vision of the future. Pictures and videos were taken to motivate other fans around the world to do the same in order to pressure Paramount execs to continue producing the show.
The second part of the evening included screenings from some of the favorite Star Trek episodes of all times, from a recent Enterprise episode to the classic original series The Trouble with Tribbles together with the Deep Space 9 Trials and Tribble-ations homage episode, with The Next Generation's final episode, All Good Things… concluding the event at about 00:30 AM local time.
The Rally was hastily organized over the week, estimated number of participants: 60-70.

Starbase 972 and the Star Trek community in Israel wish to declare their loyalty, devotion and total commitment to Star Trek: Enterprise and to the struggle to save the show, Star Trek and the vision behind it. We will continue to show support with time and money, both locally and internationally as members of this newly formed "Worldwide Federation of Trekkers".

The event was taped and shows the crowd during the event as well as interviews with some of the fans. Click here to watch video from the Tel-Aviv rally.

Click here to view pictures from the Tel-Aviv rally.

For Questions, interviews and more information:

Niv Calderon, Save Enterprise Israel Coordinator
Cell: +972-54-6969278
Fax:  +972-3-678-2252
Skype: ncaa1980 – in English

Starbase 972: The Israeli Star Trek fan club, in association with

About the Series

Star Trek has thrilled millions of people all around the world for four decades, as one of the most important and influential TV series in history.
The science fiction series is well-known for its adherence to scientific principles, consulting with NASA experts on storylines and ideas. However, Star Trek's uniqueness in the media landscape is its vision, promoted by its creator, Gene Roddenberry, a vision of a positive future for all humanity, a future devout of war, famine, disease, a future where all men and women are equal and humanity is a unified force exploring a universe filled with mysteries and wonder. Star Trek is a unique voice on the TV screen that must not be shut down. It is not science fiction about killer-robots or giant space battles, Star Trek is about dealing with the basics of humanity and its values, dealing with moral, philosophical and scientific dilemmas, episode by episode, challenging and inspiring its many viewers.
The Star Trek phenomenon has achieved the status of a cultural icon beloved and adored by millions of devoted fans worldwide, brought together by Star Trek's ideals of a better tomorrow for all.

About Star Trek: Enterprise

Since the 1960's, 5 TV series and 10 feature films have bore the name of Star Trek, beginning with the original series airing 1966-1969. The franchise has never left the TV screen since 1986, Star Trek: The next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager produced and aired.
Star Trek: Enterprise has been on air since 2001, its premise as a prequel show, preceding the events of the original series of the 1960's by 100 years, was controversial at first, but spectacular writing on the 3rd and especially 4th seasons won the hearts and minds of Trekkers all over the world. The storyline depicts the adventures of the first starship launched from Earth, commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer (actor Scott Bakula), as Earth begins its exploration of the galaxy. It's catch-phrase, "Meet Kirk's childhood hero".
Star Trek: Enterprise is scheduled to end its 4 year run on 13 May, a Friday.

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